With specific goals of participation we seek to contribute to RECYCLING, REDUCING and REUSING. We annually participate in the Paper Marathon of the Children's Hospital Association. We participated in the Solidarity benefit event, bringing hundreds of kilos of paper and cardboard collected by the community throughout the year.

Hands on the land

One of the institutional projects performed by the San Pedro School is "Hands on the Land." We have two school orchard spaces which our students learn to use, care and grow from Kindergarten through direct actions with our team of teachers specialized in the area. With this we promote a community farm work which extends to the Primary and Secondary Levels. We seek to promote the students' care for the environment and also a healthy eating through fruits and vegetables. This project seeks to implement innovative educational strategies within the teaching-learning processes.

Green Meals

With the experience of seventeen years at San Pedro School, where we directly manage the dining room, we have been able to observe the nutritional deficiencies of children and adolescents, and this concern led us to develop a food program, which we have called "Green Meals." This covers the educational and healthy eating in the dining room, and includes a nutritionist that helps our students to have an equilibrated and balanced diet according to their growth needs. In addition, we carry out an orchard project, called "Hands on the Land" with huge success among students. We also celebrate annually in October the "Month of Healthy Eating" with various activities to promote and encourage the Green Meals Program. During the year we also promote healthy eating activities such as Master Classes with renowned Chef, as Juliana Lopez May; teacher training courses such as the one from Danone Foundation: "Mom, dad, I prefer water;" lectures for parents with the subject "How to prepare healthy breakfast and snacks?" along with doctors and professionals from our city. Under the same program, we created within the school a natural cooking workshop, aimed primarily at mothers of school-age children, called "Natural Season", to offer an alternative to moms and dads who want to incorporate healthy techniques into their daily cooking, learn about new products and enjoy family meals full of nutrients to strengthen family health. We consider adult behavior is very important as a model when it comes to food, because food habits are also copied. For children, are his parents, with their usual behaviors, who claim and determine what is right and what is not. What leads a family to eat healthy food? Information and wish to give their children the best.

Once upon a time...Institutional Project of Literary Reading San Pedro Apóstol In order to educate our students as independent and sensitive to the world of literature and imagination readers, our school has developed the Reading Project, Once upon a time..., from first through sixth grades. This project has as central idea the reading of literary texts. In the school setting, the child accesses and participates in the world of Literature. This will allow him to look at the world differently, to express in a different way with the signifying power of language. The teacher has a key role in selecting the corpus and proposing, diversifying, expanding, contributing and facilitating the access to Literature so children may release their inner language and become part of the complex knowledge of language. It is necessary that the students learn different literary formats to discover the structure created by the author. This sensitivity is not acquired by higher rating of forms but from sustained reading and literary writing practices. The literary reading Project acquires the status of Art and includes the following objectives:

• To develop autonomous literary readers

• To develop critical judgment, imagination and vocabulary

• To value the literary reading as a world and oneself process

• To embrace diversity of possible interpretations in the fictional universe


Each year we invite parents to accompany their children to the University Courses Expositions that takes place in San Pedro School for students from the 4th, 5th and 6th years. We count with the presence of Universidad Nacional de Córdoba, Universidad Católica, Universidad Blas Pascal, Universidad Siglo 21, Universidad Aeronáutica, Universidad Tecnológica, Colegio Universitario de Periodismo, Instituto Mariano Moreno, Escuela de Diseño Kandinsky, Escuela La Metro, Escuela de Gastronomía Azafrán, Celia Escuela de Gastronomía, Instituto Cervantes, among others. Finally, parents of our institution are part of a panel of professionals, where they recount their educational and work experience to our students. This activity is moderated by the professional team of our school Counseling Office. For San Pedro School it is important that parents and guardians of their children accompany our students in the difficult task of choosing their professional career and the university. This opportunity provided by the School is the space to obtain together as much information as possible in order to clarify doubts and strengthen decisions.

As every year, the Student Day is celebrated at San Pedro Apóstol School with the Intertribes sport and musical competence. The SPA is dressed in green and burgundy and students share presentations, dancing, singing and sports all day.


Annually we invite to join us and participate in the "DÍA DE LA FAMILIA/FAMILY DAY" at San Pedro Apóstol School. During the day, we perform sport and artistic activities, kermesse and table games. We also offer dance, live music, games for the little ones and many surprises to enjoy the event. In addition, we always have a buffet for lunch, and a dessert and ice cream kiosk, in charge of students from the 6th year and 6th grade. The amount collected, is destined for their respective study trips. We request to come in comfortable clothes; and if possible bring a garment with the color specific to the tribe of your son/daughter (green or burgundy). This is our family party, join us by inviting grandparents, uncles, siblings, cousins and friends. Come and enjoy a very fun day at school, "our school."

The dissemination of science as a way of understanding the world is an exercise. So promoting the realization of a Science Fair is an invitation to the exploration for children and adolescents to acquire the taste and enthusiasm for Science. By promoting research, formulation and verification of hypotheses we help our students to become better students, be good citizens, sensitive and critical of the world in which they live. We are shaping better people, by helping them to think of solutions and to value life. Science starts with questions and amazement, the wonder, the thirst for explanation, observation and recognition of regularities. The Science Fair is an invitation to the disclosure of the processes that children perform in the acquisition of basic scientific procedures.