Early schooling is a “Passport for life” San Pedro Apóstol School offers children from 2 to 5 years old a comprehensive educational process, with an optional double shift. We carry out projects and games in order to make them learn while playing and developing their motor and expressive skills. The program we follow is balanced since the objectives are adapted to each age and are specifically prepared for the kids to easily adapt to Primary School in an emotionally supporting and caring environment. Both languages are simultaneously combined in socialization, educational and recreational experiences guided by our bilingual teachers. The bilingual program aims at teaching the child to effectively manage in both Spanish and English so that they can finish their studies being proficient and fluent in both languages. We recognize the children as the future builders of their own knowledge, respecting their own pace, needs and feelings. In Kindergarten, the children find a place where they can learn, be themselves and play. Our facilities offer the ideal environment to play and learn at this early stage of life: spacious and well-lit areas, patios and rooms exclusively used for musical purposes and body expression, a dining room, a vegetable garden and a farm, all guided by a psycho-social support department. Likewise, the early stimulation is complimented by outdoor activities, like recreational and cultural tours and family-shared activities.

Elementary School at San Pedro Apóstol School offers a bilingual, double shift educational system. Each and every student is under our constant attention. We expect their best training under the premise “happy and responsible children.” During this phase, the personal and social attitudes that will let children be respectful and tolerant to themselves and to others are developed. The curricular contents of Mathematics, Social Studies and Natural Sciences are based on the development of the following competencies: • Problem solving • Reading and comprehension • Writing • Critical and sensitive thinking We work with vegetable garden projects, Cooperation Projects for the peace and good coexistence, integrating the Arts, Music, Philosophy and New Technologies. All these events are guided by a psycho-social support department The English language is taught as a second language, oriented to a fluent and natural command. It is our mission that students develop the four basic skills: reading, listening comprehension, writing and speaking. The focus of English as a second language combines the best contributions of well-known updated methodologies. The curricula includes teaching subjects in English such as Language -grammar, spelling, writing and vocabulary-, Social Studies and Natural Sciences, which are also developed through Science and IT Labs. Since an early age, the student gets ready to sit for paper-based, computer-based, oral or written international examinations at our own school, with the aim of achieving a comprehensive training and knowledge recognition of their second language command. The Elementary School student ends this phase with a high level of fluency and linguistic competence, graduating with a diploma that proves their early bilingual studies and international certificates of worldwide recognition like Trinity College London and Cambridge ESOL Examinations. Likewise, the students take part in different kinds of projects which are fully developed in English. For example, campaigns to motivate the second language learning or the Social Studies Fair which includes plays presentations and participation in literary and artistic contests.

CBU: Common Introductory Cycle CE: Specialization Cycle San Pedro Apóstol Secondary School aspires to educate youngsters who are committed to achieving the highest standards of integrity in their endeavors, who respect and value the particular traits of other individuals, and who evidence credibility and trust, even in difficult times. The students that graduate from the CE at San Pedro Apóstol School will get immersed in a constant transformation process due to the requirements and demands of universities and the labor market. It is our mission that our students graduate with full knowledge in Administration and Company Management, with competencies in ICT management, and with a fluent command of the English language, which will eventually let them manage very well in different fields. Those students who sit for and pass the examinations can get the International Bachelor’s Degree (BI), a widely recognized examination, which facilitates the admission to a wide variety of universities across the world. BI is an international program which is offered as an option of intellectual opening-up, as an active learning attitude with critical thinking and analytic skills, rather than a substitution of the national regular training. It is aimed at cultivating and deepening the student’s roots, not at losing them. BI is about reaching a balance of studies of the national, regional and worldwide cultures. It is our mission that our students belong to a community of “ex graduates” who are ready to succeed and who have the necessary skills to play an important role in the business world and to act with knowledge in the defense of ethical values and the environment. Our goal is to educate young adults in order to give them the tools to stand on their own in front of the world and other persons with a set of values that will allow them to grow as individuals