Agreements with UniversitiesTrinity College London

The English Department of the San Pedro Apóstol School has an English language program started in elementary, perfecting mastery of the English language, seeking to achieve the levels of academic achievement that will enable our students to obtain international certificates of International Baccaleaurate and the University of Cambridge.

These certificates enjoy the academic institutional prestige and recognition worldwide, which makes them "related" to ensure the level achieved in the domain of foreign language. At present, we offer our high school students the following exams: PET (Cambridge) in 2nd year; FCE (Cambridge) in 5th grade; Certificate IB (International Baccalaureate), IELTS (Cambridge), both in 6th grade.

The latter serves to join over 6,000 institutions worldwide, including universities and colleges, as well as organizations to apply for jobs in English speaking countries. It also requested the review to immigrate to Canada, Australia, New Zealand, and the United Kingdom. In this way, we seek to equip our students with the necessary tools to help them meet the challenges of higher education and labor demand.

In addition, FCE (Cambridge) is applied today in the Argentine labor market, and serves as a "credit" for many dependent powers of the state university as presenting this certificate, the student is exempt from the English study course.

Recently a new Cambridge (CBKET) examination for students entering the school from other institutions that do not reach the level of English of our students joined. Was conducted during 2013 with great success for the CIPA course in collaboration with the area of ​​English Elementary. 100% approved.

Our students are part of the group of young ambassadors  who participate in the educational and cultural project to the United States as a result of the agreement between our institution and the U.S. University 

Motion Computing Certification for 6th grade students

No doubt that today's technology is embedded in any professional field or work activity in which the student wishes unfold, so having the proper domain of technology efficiency and promote development.

This means that the power to accredit their computer knowledge, to involve the same competitive when entering the demanding workplace advantage. A certificate will be valuable to the extent that the institution that certifies enjoy prestige and recognition in the market.

For the UTN-FRBA (National Technological University - Regional Buenos Aires Faculty) is not only a faculty, which by its very nature makes it one of the most suitable to assess knowledge institutions, but also specializes in technological and recognition based on its quality standard.

Getting Started at UCC your career without paying income

For two year agreement with the Catholic University of Córdoba and our graduates can enter directly to the University courses without paying income was signed. Its purpose is to recognize the efforts and dedication of the students of Secondary School who have achieved high average in their educational journeys.

You can apply for all courses and undergraduate degree are offered in the UCC. For requirements and documentation needed to start the application you should contact the Secondary Level San Pedro School.

From an early age, the student agrees to prepare and perform in our school, international tests worldwide recognition, whether oral and / or written on paper or computer format, in order to achieve the most comprehensive training and certification of their knowledge.

The student completes this level Primary school years, with a high degree of fluency and linguistic competence, graduated with a diploma certifying bilingual primary school, and recognized high-level international certificates such as Trinity College London and Cambridge ESOL Examinations.

These tests increase the motivation and challenge in providing students achievement goals on the path of learning throughout elementary school.